All About Dignity

     Who are the employers looking for?       

Is it you? 


Are you somewhat flexible? 

Are you reliable? 

Do you have a car and insurance? 

Is your car reliable? 

Can you get places on time? 

If you don't drive or don't have a car, are you interested in working at an Assisted Living? 

Do you like to do things with people who need your help? 

Would a background check turn up clean or with minor issues? 

Do you have a High School diploma or GED?

Do you have a "special" interest in helping/caring for older people? 

Do you have regular times you would be available to go to work? Nights, weekends or days all are needed. 

Are you a caring person? 

Do you possess written and verbal skills for effective communication in English? 

  If you have children, do you have someone that can care for them if they are out of school? 

    Do you think bad weather just means you get up earlier to get to work on time? 

     If you answered yes to our questions we are looking for you.

    We can teach you the skills needed to care for people in this growing field.  

Employers are waiting for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call today and be a part of our next class.

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We have a 97% hire rate in Colorado. That means 97 out of 100 people looking for a job are hired.