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                                                                  Salary for Caregivers!!!         

   Most of Caregivers in the United States are women although there is a need for male caregivers. Median pay in this field goes for around $24,645 yearly $12-14 hourly. The most influential factor affecting pay for this group is Knowledge of how to do the care skills needed by clients and residents, how long you have worked there has a lesser impact but does help. 

This class is the start of the Personal care programs you may be interested in. We have several homecare agencies, assisted livings, and businesses that hire out of our classes. If you already work for one being a PCW (Personal Care Worker) may offer a raise.   
We have a 97% hire rate in Colorado. That means 97 out of 100 people looking for a job are hired. 
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A Personal Care Worker (PCW) is someone who is prepared to assist in the care of the client or resident in assisted living facilities, group homes for the developmentally disabled, adult day programs, or clients in their own homes through non-medical home care agencies, Private Pay or Assisted livings.

The duties of a PCW may include some or all of the following:

• Assisting with bathing, hair care, dressing, grooming, shaving and other hygiene needs

• Assistance with toileting

• Assistance with feeding, cooking and fluid needs

• Assistance with ambulation and exercises

• Accompaniment to doctors, pharmacy's and on errands

 Homecare such as vacuuming, bed making and light house work

• Other care practices for general health and well-being

A PCP/W will also be responsible for basic infection control techniques, protecting a client's/resident's rights, observing and reporting changes in condition, and documenting care given.

We are the only class in the area that follows all three guidelines of Medicaid, Department of Public Health and teaching. CNAs should take this class too.  We don't just automatically know how the skills are done by a PCW. They are different.  Not sure if this is for you? Go to page "Who are employers looking for" and answer our questionnaire. 

This class gives you a Certificate of Completion as a Personal Care Provider/ Personal Care Worker. You can give copies of the certificate you receive to employers. Even if you already work as a PCW or RA (Resident Assistant) it is important to take the class because of the many expectations and skills you must know.

You are invited back to any classes you wish to attend for refreshers at no cost in the future. This program is set up to make your work life easier and more profitable. 

 Some of what Participants say about the class: 

  • "I can't believe I was offered a job before even finishing the class."
  • "Even though I've worked as a PCW for years I have learned many new things including the Colorado State guidelines for what I should be doing. Thanks!"
  • "When the agency called me to offer me a job before I even applied I knew this was the class for me."
  • " Cynthia is right when she says there are jobs waiting for you when you finish the class. I know I got one of them."
  • "Now that I've taken this class I can get a job as either a CNA or a PCW." Please note she came to us as a CNA.

Some of what is taught in this class and not in others:

           Wheelchair to car transfers                                         

           Proper Medication reminders

           Changing Depends without clothing removal 

           Identifying Strokes and what to do

           What gets the job and what KEEPS the job

           Colorado Department of Public Health Guidelines for PCP/PCWs

           Medicaid Requirements for a PCW             

Financial assistance is available, contact us at for information.

 Below is an example of what you will learn in our PCW class.