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Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a six-week education program developed by Legacy Caregiver Services for family and friends caring for older adults who have stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease or similar long-term conditions. The free six week class provides family caregivers with the skills and confidence to better care for themselves while caring for others. Many caregivers have found the class beneficial, including: those caring for a spouse or partner and adult children caring for parents. We can't take away caregiving problems, but we can help caregivers manage them better and to seek and find solutions.  The goal is to help caregivers to thrive as individuals. 

Class participants report they:

 are better at caring for themselves,        

 have fewer feelings of anger, guilt and depression

 have increased confidence and ability to cope with the demands of caregiving, and take more advantage of community services.  

  Class members receive The Caregiver Helpbook, which was developed specifically for the class. Trained facilitators lead the classes using a standardized curriculum.  

  Class Description 

Class 1: Taking Care of You

This class sets the stage for the entire course. It emphasizes that the focus is on you, the caregiver, not on the family member receiving care and that during the series of classes caregivers will develop a box of self-care tools.  

Class 2: Identifying and Reducing Personal Stress 

Four steps are presented for effective stress management:

  Identifying early warning signs.

  Identifying personal sources of stress. 

  Changing what you can change and accepting what you can't change.

  Taking action.  

Class 3: Communicating Feelings, Needs, and Concerns

Participants learn to communicate their feelings, needs and concerns more effectively.  

 Class 4: Communicating in Challenging Situations

Participants practice two communication tools—assertiveness and Aikido—which are helpful in difficult situations.   

 Class 5: Learning From Our Emotions

The theme of this class is that we need to listen to the messages our emotions are sending us.   

  Class 6: Mastering Caregiving Decisions

The focus is on the internal emotional process caregivers go through when they experience a life change.  

 Class Schedule

For classes held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a $35 donation is requested to help defray the cost of the book, but no one will be turned away if they are unable to pay.

  Upcoming 2017 Class Schedule

Day & Time: Friday mornings, 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon, April 7th -May 12th 2017                      and Sep 8th- Oct 13th 2017

            (6 weeks) Place: Colorado Springs Senior Center 1514 N. Hancock

To Register for The Powerful Tools class in Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Kent Mathews at Area Agency on Aging phone: (719) 471-7080 or at  

Wnow have a toll-free telephone number for the Powerful Tools for Caregivers programCallers from outside the Portland, Oregon area can now reach Legacy Caregiver Services by calling (877) 701-4999.
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