All About Dignity

 One Mans story! 

 One Mans story, Tom Watson learned the skills to be a Personal Care Worker took care of his wife and became a volunteer.  Kristine, his adult daughter, changed her career and became a community relations director.  You can be a family caregiver, you can be an employee or you can be a volunteer with the skills you learn in our PCW class.

 What will you do with all you learn at

All About Dignity???


As Personal Care Workers we can encourage our clients as they do their "life review". CNAs are not taught to do emotional care but we are. Is that something you enjoy? Do you like to visit with the people you care for? Then this is the class for you. Jane Fonda talks about the life review as a third act or as Erik Erikson talks about the eight stages of life that extend from birth to death.

So many of us are working with either as Care receivers or as family agitation issues I thought we might gain some ideas from this Doctor