All About Dignity

In-services for Homecares Assisted Livings and Families save money, time and keep accidents from happening. 

 The Dept of Public Health Required In-Services for Homecare

* We work hard to follow the Department of Public Health requirements for PCW continuing education. We will set up a schedule with your Homecare to meet the required and suggested in-services yearly.  We also have the in-service YOU really need.

PCW Competency Evaluation= "Skills Testing"

For those agencies that just don't have the time to do the competencies we will come to you to do the skills evaluations following the DPH regulations.  We bring everything we need and get it done for you.

 Dept of Public Health CNA In-services 

* CNAs also have in-service requirements in Homecare. These differ from the PCW in-service requirements but for many Home-cares having PCWs and CNAs involved in all in-services works well. 

Health First (Medicaid) HCBS-EBD

Prior to providing services for HCBS Providers agencies under Colorado's 1915 HCBS Waver services, the Personal Care Worker is encouraged to complete 20 hours of training following 6 CCR 1011-1 Ch. 26-8.6(B). All About Dignity's PCW class has been designed to meet the requirements for agencies who provide services to elderly clients.

The Assisted Living

As Assisted Livings in Colorado move toward more dependent residents and the regulations for you change in 2018 the need for training increases. We have many in-services that help the AL to take the para-professional and turn them into staff that have clear understandings of the resident. 


 Dementia Care (Alzheimers and other dementias) 

We teach your staff necessary and helpful skills to work with care receivers that have dementia. Including behavior care, understanding the many stages of dementia, how to use the stages to the care receivers and staffs advantage and several other tools that will minimize care receiver resistance.

 Behavior Interventions

*Behavior Management problems create issues for both the employee and the care receiver. We teach techniques to simplify and correct issues associated with "Behaviors".

 Care for the Caregiver

As a family caregiver we are often put into the caregiver roll with little or no training on how to do ADLs for and with our loved one. We teach the skills needed to meet your needs in a safe and positive way.  If you don't know what an ADL is you need the class we offer PCWs. You can have us come to your home and help you and your loved one learn tools to make staying home a healthy option. We will offer suggestions that can save you money as well. 

 When Death is Imminent

Everything changes when our loved one is close to the end. Hospice is a great option but they are not there all day. We offer care guidelines and skills that will make your help more successful. 

Caring for the employee

Staff burn out is one of the biggest problems facing Homecares and Assisted Livings. We believe that is partly due to not knowing how to care for the various parts of self at work. We have in-services that will help the employee stay in a caring roll.

 Train the Trainer 

The goal of this training program is to provide training on PCW competencies from the supervisor standpoint. Self-determination, client rights, safety, health and dignity are emphasized in the hands on program. Included with the program are documents for PCW training including written step by step competencies.