All About Dignity

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 "You have found pay dirt!"


 As a family member assisting your loved one in the home or facility this is the class for you.

    To care for a loved one we need two things. First, we need emotional support. Our friends and family offer some of that to us. Secondly, we need to learn the skills to care for our loved one. This class teaches you these skills. Our goal is to help you by making it all a little easier. The information you will learn in this class series will prepare you for what may be needed by your loved one. You will be taught how to help your loved one with everything from wheelchair transfers to behavior issues. You learn the skills you need to care for your loved one at home or in a facility. 

    All About Dignity started in October 2007 as a way to teach Personal Care Workers the skills needed to help our frail elderly. It has expanded to now teach family members who want to do the care for loved ones themselves. Family learn what to expect from PCWs as they also learn safe ways to do the care.  

   The staff at All About Dignity is unique in that they are in your shoes. They have cared for loved ones in their homes too.

   We offer step-by-step instruction on all kinds of care needs, such as dealing with dentures and showers as well as emotional support and assistance in finding support services in the Colorado Springs area.

  Area Agency on Aging in Colorado Springs, CO, offers free respite care to families for loved ones that need ADL help while they take the All About Dignity class. To apply for this respite, contact the Area Agency on Ageing Family Caregiver Support Center at (719) 471-7080 Ex 115 and speak to Kent.

Some of what families say about this class:

"I think I can keep my loved one living at home a little longer because of the information I learned in this class."
"You don’t know how simple All About Dignity makes it feel."
"To know I can call their director any time for suggestions is so valuable to me."
"I don’t have to learn by trial and error as my loved one progresses. I am prepared for what comes next now."
"This class is like pay dirt for me."                                                                                                                                   

" Just keep doing what you do for people. It will make a difference for their loved one." 
"Call (719) 459-2017 You will not be sorry."

   Cynthia Margiotta, BSW, CNA the director (picture below on left her Mom on the right) brings to you experience and insights drawn from a career in Geriatrics spanning forty plus years. In that time she has worked primarily with men and woman in the 70 + age groups meeting their needs as a social worker and teacher for people wanting to care for them. She cared for her Mother (93 years old) with Alzheimer's Disease in her home for nearly 11 years until her death.        Cynthia taught the Alzheimer's Association ALI classes in Southern Colorado, teaches the Leaders in Dementia Care program, answers the Alzheimers Helpline on Monday morings and runs a support group for the Association.  She is one of two Master trainers, facilitators for the Powerful Tools for Caregivers program in Southern Colorado. For information about this class see the page on Powerful Tools for Caregivers. She is a long time Volunteer for the Area Agency on Aging, Family Support Center in Colorado Springs. teaching classes for them as well.

She knows what we are going through!!!

Cynthia with her Mother in May 2009

Thank you for the above photos Jeff Kaplan for the photo on the left and our professional photographer Sheryl Scheuer who took the one on the right.